Our Learning Curriculum

A curriculum was developed to be used in this space. It is known as the “Penguin” curriculum because penguins are a symbol of resilience and adaptability.


Learn By Doing

We provide the student with real life problem and give them the guidance and direction on how to solve the problem.

I believe that the school must represent present life – life as real and vital to the child as that which he carries on in the home, in the neighborhood, or on the playground.

— John Dewey (My Pedagogic Creed)

Beyond the Books

Are you a reader? Do you participate in a book club, love the smell of libraries, feel like you’re a kid in a candy store when you enter a bookstore? If so, then your are the right place. Wokomé will provide you with resources to learn and do beyond which is written on pages of your classroom books.

Our Learning Path

Through a well curated learning path we re-engineer the minds of our students to think and see possibility in every situation as they go on to achieve the success.

Reading & Writing

We equip our children with the skill of reading and writing through our reading and writing club.

Talent Exploration Camp

Through our talent Exploration Boot Camp we select highly talented children to nurture.

Talent Exploration Club

Through our talent exploration boot Camp, we bring out the best in our children.

Creative Exhibition

We present our children with the opportunity to exhibit their creative works.


After School programs

Learning Path

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