The need to Embrace Alternative Education in our Education System

Nov 25, 2019 | 0 comments

Over the years, attention and importance have been placed only on academic performance in school, hence those with less academic capability are considered to be failures. However, due to this common belief, many students end up training themselves only in the act of memorizing some portion of their text and reproducing them during exams at the expense of developing their creative mind.

Consequently, this creates a dangerous one-sided orientation of being successful in life even after acquiring a big academic portfolio from many schools in the world. As a result of this, if such people are not properly guided, they will become a disadvantage to their society, rendering them jobless and constitute a negative influence on the society.

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Therefore, it is pertinent to groom students in entrepreneurial and other skill orientated programs to enrich them with diverse areas of life rather than gearing all their energy towards school performance only. Proper guidance will enable students to discover and maximize their potentials instead of constituting a societal problem due to lack of job even after graduating with top grades in school.

Moreover, the society is embracing the concept of entrepreneurship and alternative education as it remains the fundamental means of minimizing poverty rate, engaging young minds in it will not only promote it but will reduce the pressure on the government to create jobs for the increasing number of jobless members of the society. Meanwhile, schools may feel threatened by such carrier orientated programs but adequate measures could be placed to streamline school activities in other to absorb those that are academically inclined while pushing the rest to entrepreneurial and other alternative education-based programs.

Conventionally, it is important to leverage the advantages academic qualifications has over the skill-based qualifications, this will encourage students to embrace all possibilities so that they can make a good choice with regards to their respective carrier part. Rather than performing similar tasks with people having diverse interests at a specified duration in school. Hence, parents should encourage and support their children irrespective of the part there have chosen, this will guarantee the emotional stability and optimal performance in whatever there are doing in other to achieve success.

Entrepreneurship and alternative education are necessary in our contemporary society as it has obviously produced outstanding individuals in the world. It has spotted out unique business-minded personalities with the zeal and drives for providing solutions to the common societal problems that others were unable to identify.  This is the opposite of getting the best performance in school which often translates to little or no solution to the societal problems.  

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