Change the Paradigm

Feb 1, 2019 | 0 comments

This system, especially its emphasis on grading, is deeply discriminatory as it reinforces social inequality by not giving the students with low grades access to scholarships. This lack of access to scholarships then leads to an inability to pursue higher education and then later in finding productive employment. Thereby, the obsolete and overcrowded school system creates a lifetime of failure and stigma for children who fail to adapt to it.

One of the most crippling scenarios in a child’s life is to be judged and not accepted for who they are. The education system in Cameroon creates exactly such a scenario with its outdated curriculum and over-emphasis on grading. There is approximately a ratio of 1 teacher to 200 students. This number of children cannot be managed by one teacher. Thus, no attention is paid on each student’s unique needs and challenges. As a result, students lose their interest in studying and subsequently, they drop out of the school system. According to UNDP’s estimate, there is a 30% dropout rate in Cameroon. We take note, this is just an estimate.

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